Bananas the Almost Perfect Food

I eat 4-6 bananas on a daily basis, being a competitive athlete I find out that they are the perfect food for pre workout and race energy. I also slice them for my daily Cheerios breakfast and PM snack where I put all natural crunchy peanut butter in the middle, yummy and super healthy. For the non athlete 1-2  bananas daily,  the weekend warrior 2-3 daily and the more competitive athlete 3-4 would suffice.  There are so so many benefits of eating benefits, here is my David Letterman top 10 list of them 🙂

1. Pack a great energy punch for a workout.

2. Sustain your blood sugar during a workout

3. Protects against muscle cramping during workouts and nighttime leg cramps, loaded with potassium.

4. Potassium is helpful in lowering blood pressure.

5. The fiber, vitamin C and B6 in bananas all support heart health.

6. The high fiber in bananas helps normalize bowel movement.

7. High levels on tryptophan which is converted into serotonin which is a mood enhancer, I want to be happy 🙂

8. A great snack anywhere or any time.

9. A medium banana is only 100 calories, compared to most snacks and energy bars are in the range of 200-300 calories.

10 There are very inexpensive compared to other snacks or fruits.

Coach Russ


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