The World’s ONLY Universal Supplement


By Tim Mount, CN, CCMH

There are so many supplements on the shelves these days, but which ones are truly necessary? Are any supplements needed by absolutely everyone on earth? After weeks of contemplation I whittled the list down to just one. That’s right, only one supplement on earth is universal, which may surprise many people. Before disclosing which supplement I’m referring to, we need to determine the criteria to evaluate such a supplement. To apply to everyone on earth we can’t include any vitamins or minerals. That seems like a pretty big group to immediately dismiss, but hear me out. I’m talking about a supplement for everyone. As a Certified Clinical Nutritionist I know that there are millions of people that get all the vitamins and mineral needed from their healthy diet. That includes all the most popular ones these days – vitamins B and C, magnesium, calcium, and so on. Simply eat a diet rich in vegetables and fruits, and a moderate amount of meat and you can get everything your body needs. For that matter we can eliminate omega-3 oils like fish and krill oil. A diet rich in fish and other healthy fats will be more than adequate. All of these supplements correct nutritional deficiencies, but not everyone has a deficiency. The next category of supplements we can dismiss are those related to lifestyle. People living in sunny areas and get ample skin exposure to the sun get plenty of vitamin D. Stress is a130507195807-large common threat these days, but coming from both a surf town in California and a household that meditates, stress isn’t an issue for everyone. In fact, our bodies are an intricate system of mechanisms specifically designed to handle the normal stresses of life. Our bodies naturally produce antioxidants like glutathione and SOD (super oxide dismutase) that, and therefore our bodies are designed to neutralize free radical damaged caused by stress. We also get many antioxidants from our diet. Surely, most people could benefit from increasing their antioxidant intake, but an antioxidant supplement isn’t necessary for everyone. To summarize, no supplement will be universally needed if it helps with something we have control over – i.e., diet and lifestyle issues. The supplement I have in mind addresses an issue that is out of our control and nobody, absolutely NOBODY on earth can escape from. It must be a biological process that we are all slaves to, an issue that causes us major issues throughout our life and cannot be corrected by normal dietary or lifestyle decisions. It must be a supplement because no other device or technology can correct it. What if I told you that there is a natural process that occurs in every human on earth – a mechanism that inescapably slows as we age and affects the foundation of every single tissue in our body? It happens regardless of what we eat or what choices we make. Surely, a supplement that reversed this issue would qualify! The one and only supplement that fits all of these qualifications is…hydrolyzed collagen. fibersCollagen, the second most abundant substance in our bodies (behind water) is an interwoven series of fibers that hold our bodies together and makes up the foundation of our tissues. Over time these collagen fibers break down through wear and tear. Worker cells in our bodies replace these fibers, but over time fewer replacement fibers are produced than what breaks down, resulting in a body that is constantly degrading from the inside out. This drop in collagen replacement affects every human alive, independent of what we do. The magic of collagen supplements is that it increases the production of the replacement fibers and reverses the aging process. Although most people eat collagen on a daily basis, it is too difficult to digest and absorb in its natural form to make a significant difference. Therefore only collagen in supplement form that has been hydrolyzed to increase bioactivity can be used. No other supplement can claim such a profound effect on the entirety of humanity. With wide ranging benefits from wrinkle reduction, to joint stability, to bone strength to eye health, hydrolyzed collagen should be on the top of everyone’s supplement priority list! Check out NeoCell’s line of best selling hydrolyzed collagen supplements at your local supplement store nationwide. Click here to find a location near you.

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