Weight Loss and Lean Muscle Routine (Physique Show Part 1)

By Tim Mount, CN, CCMH

(Read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 here.)

I’ve decided to make the commitment – I will be competing in the Texas State Naturals Physique Show on October 25th! The physique division is about tone, well proportioned muscle, not the giant bodybuilders with throbbing veins on their temples. Physique allows natural fitness enthusiasts compete without requiring the use of steroids, HGH and other controlled substances. However, most physique competitors still do use steroids, which makes competing difficult. My only choice is to use the best natural supplements in an effort to keep up.

Below you will find my supplement routine, diet basics, and exercise tips. Nearly anyone can follow this guide – including the average Joe or Jane looking lose weight and build a tone physique. I’ll be sending updates as I progress, so stay tuned…and maybe try it for yourself! I’ll expand on each topic in future posts, so be sure to follow the NeoCell blog in order to receive the latest updates and articles.

First, I’d like to give a quick summary of my athletic life to this point.

  • As a child I was a good athlete, playing baseball, basketball and football in high school. I excelled at all sports, including being the MVP of my baseball team and a varsity starter as a sophomore or junior in all three sports.
  • In collage I began practicing judo and eventually attained the rank of 2nd degree black belt and certified master level coach. I opened my own club and taught at various MMA schools for the past 10 years or so.
  • I went back to school to get my certifications in Clinical Nutrition and Master Herbalism in my early 30s, then joined the NeoCell team a few years ago. At the same time I got a serious ankle injury, had my beautiful daughter and began travelling for work. My fitness suffered.
  • I have been trying to get back in shape, but without a goal, diet and exercise plan I floated around in mediocrity for years. I was never out of terribly out of shape, but what had once been a ripped 180 pounds ballooned up to 218 a my heaviest. I always knew WHAT to do, but wasn’t actually doing it. Not anymore!

Progress Chart (Note: the picture below shows my full progress until up to the show. When I wrote this I was at the 6/29 picture date.)


Since beginning I’ve noticed some big changes in only a couple weeks. It works, but only if you make the commitment and stick to the plan. The dosages below are my dosages, but in parenthesis I’ll suggest lower dosages for people that aren’t going as hardcore as I am. The first will be for men, the second for women (ex, 5g men/3g women).

This plan is only for workout days, but I exercise nearly every day, with a rest day ever 6-8 days depending on how I feel. I substitute a second snack in place of my pre/post workout supplements on rest days. I also cycle my carbs with 3-4 days of this plan, then a higher carb 1-2 days where I eat about 25-30g of slow digesting carbs like steel cut oats, brown rice, and quinoa at every meal. The key is a low glycemic index carbohydrate (slow digesting, 55 or lower on the index) so you won’t store excess blood sugar as fat.



5g (3g/2g) BCAAs

3g (2g/1g) Glutamine

2g (1g/1g) Creatine Monohydrate

2g (1g/1g) Carnitine

1 pill green tea extract

1 pill garcinia cambogia

1 protein shake of 30g (20g/15g) with NeoCell Collagen Sport or whey

A small amount of carbs, like an apple or grapefruit



5g (3g/2g) BCAAs

5g (3g/2g) Glutamine

5g (3g/2g) Creatine Monohydrate

2g (1g/1g) Carnitine

15g (10g/10g) protein shake with NeoCell Collagen Sport or whey, plus about 8-10g carbs

Occasionally a pre-workout powder with caffeine


Post Workout

10g (7g/5g) BCAAs

10g (5g/3g) Glutamine

5g (3g/2g) Creatine Monohydrate

2g (1g/1g) Carnitine

15g (10g/10g) protein shake with NeoCell Collagen Sport plus about 8-10g carbs

Testosterone and Adrenal Support Product – I take a hormonal support formula that I formulated myself (not available for sale), but there are many testosterone support products on the market**

**A “support” supplement is much different than steroids or pro-hormones. Herbal extracts and amino acids can nutritionally support the glands and biological processes that the body naturally goes through to make testosterone, without the side effects of synthetic drugs. These products, when properly formulated, are very good for you.



1 pill green tea extract

1 pill garcinia cambogia

A meal of 30g (25g/15g) lean protein, usually about 6oz (5oz/4oz) depending on the protein source – sirloin steak, chicken tenderloins, roast beef, etc.

As much non-starchy vegetable as I want either as a salad with very light olive oil and balsamic vinegar (leafy greens, tomatoes, shredded carrots, cucumber, bell peppers, etc.); or steamed vegetables with only seasonings and a tiny amount of butter or olive oil



Option of:

Protein bar of 25g (20g/15g) with low carbs (15g or less, preferably less than 10g)

Protein shake of 25g (20g/15g) and a small piece of fruit

Non-fat cottage cheese and nonfat, unflavored greek yogurt mixed together 25g (20g/15g) with a tiny bit of honey or some berries as a snack.

[Get creative with snacks, the key is the correct amount of protein combined with low fat and low carbohydrate foods non-starchy veggies or small piece of fruit.]



Sensible dinner of 30g (25g/15g) lean protein, lots of non-starchy veggies and very low amounts of cooking oil, butters, and no concentrated starches (rice, bread, pasta, potatoes, etc).



6g NeoCell Collagen (I use Beauty Infusion)

100mg NeoCell Hyaluronic Acid

Hormonal Support Supplement

If I’m hungry I eat celery or a cucumber with vinegar and salt to fill my stomach up. This contains 0 calories and makes me feel full.



  • Expect slow, steady improvements of 1-2 pounds of fat lost per week and a gain in lean muscle. Results usually start to become obvious after 2-3 weeks while your body adjusts, then get better as time goes on. Expect an uncomfortable period of transition as your body switches to this new lifestyle, including some detoxification and possibly some candida die off (which can make your armpits stink a bit).
  • DO NOT EAT ANY CONCENTRATED CARBS OR SUGARS!!! That includes bread, rice, oats, pasta, candy, sweets, soda, sugar in coffee, potatoes, bananas, juices, sweet fruits, etc.
  • Only drink water or tea- flavored with lemon juice is ok
  • Try to feel hungry during the day. If you feel hungry it means you aren’t getting enough calories from your diet and are tapping into your fat stores. If you can, skip a meal or delay a meal until you are really hungry. Reducing calories is key, and you can’t lose weight if you never feel hungry. Sorry
  • Cut out mayonnaise, ketchup and other dressings. Mustard, hot sauce and buffalo sauce are low in calories and a good condiment. I like rolling up a cold cut with some mustard for a snack.
  • No cheese or other concentrated fats. Cook with only enough oil to keep the food from sticking. Use coconut oil for pan frying and olive oil for low heat cooking.
  • When eating out go for a chef’s salad with chicken breast and a vinaigrette on the side. A southwest salad or greek salad with only a little feta works too. Don’t get a Cobb, it contains too much fat. Another option is a small, lean steak (filet mignon, sirloin cut) or chicken breast of about 5-6oz and veggies on the side. Substitute the rice, mashed potatoes, etc. for additional veggies.
  • When you work out you should almost being crying the burn should be so bad at the end of each set. Push you limits!
  • Put a picture of you when you were thinner and leaner on the fridge. Look at it and feel guilty if you are going to the fridge to eat something you shouldn’t.


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