Physique Show Progress 4

by Tim Mount, CN, CCMH

(Read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 here.)

Here is a quick update on my progress. Only a couple weeks to go! (Update Note: the picture below shows my full progress until up to the show. When I wrote this I was at the 10/07 picture date.)



A few things I’ve learned since the last update:

  • I’ve really settled into the diet and rather enjoy it now. I’ve gotten used to shopping, preparing protein and vegetable ahead of time, and knowing portions. It’s become second nature. I never feel hungry. In fact, sometimes I wonder if I’m eating too much. But my body fat keeps dropping at the exact rate I was hoping, so it’s obviously working. High protein every 2-3 hours, nearly no concentrated carbs and starches, lots of veggies to fill me up, and limiting “treat meals” to a reasonable amount instead of gorging – there’s no secret to it, ya just gotta do it!
  • Posing isn’t easy! I’m not the type to stand in front of a mirror and flex, but presentation is a big part of an NPC show, so it’s necessary to practice a lot. A slight tilt here and there makes a big difference. And flexing your abs for minutes on end it exhausting.
  • My energy level is through the roof! I feel great throughout the day. That is the best benefit so far.
  • I’m a “hard gainer” (difficult to put on muscle), but after 14 weeks I’ve managed to increase my strength by leaps and bounds. I almost feel like the pictures don’t do it justice.
  • Balance is key when exercising. Not only do I lift weights at the gym, but I’ve incorporated trail running in Vibram shoes. What a calf and leg workout (make sure you run on your toes if you do it)! Sprinting is great for my hamstrings and burning body fat too. As for weightlifting, I start with my problem areas first, the areas that are underdeveloped and weaker, then move on to my strengths. Due to injuries earlier in life my lower back has been an area that I typically shy away from, but now I start with it.


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