The Secret to Authentic Happiness: A New Year’s Resolution

by Tim Mount, CN,  CCMH

Seeking happiness is one of the main motivations in a person’s life, from the food we eat to the hobbies we have to the relationships we cultivate. However, the path to authentic happiness can be elusive. A burger and fries may make us feel good at first, but over time that short term indulgence leads to long term problems that interfere with our lives – an consequently make us less happy.

Authentic happiness is different than short term pleasure and can be a difficult thing to measure. Social scientists have been working for decades to define the exact formula for happiness and what it means for all people. Unfortunately, the debate rages on, but we do have some pieces of the puzzle.

Health, Beauty and Income

Health and beauty and the absence of pain, which are all intimately related, seem to be a central theme when attaining authentic happiness. We know that beauty is a reflection of our health status. We also know that chronic pain is a symptom of poor health (more on that later).

In a study performed at the University of Austin, people deemed to be the most attractive were on average 10% happier than those deemed the least attractive – and likely had a higher income. Another study confirmed the link between beauty and higher income, with estimates calculating beauty can be worth in excess of $230,000 over a lifetime! We’ve all heard that “money can’t buy happiness”, but in reality research shows that isn’t true up to a certain point.

Age and Pain

As someone grows into their golden years they also tend to gain in happiness faster than any other time than in their lives, as shown by this study. But chronic pain can limit that happiness. Another study of the elderly revealed that relieving chronic pain also increased their happiness.

Happiness Goals

Where does that leave us? A few things are certain:

  • A lifelong focus on health is essential. Maintaining health likely means maintaining a higher level of happiness throughout your life.
  • Like it or not, increasing your income leads to a happier, more fulfilling life.
  • Developing beauty from within by leading a healthy life is step on the path to authentic happiness and more financial opportunities at any age.
  • Living longer helps us grow more happy. You must maintain your health so you can not only survive in our golden years, but thrive as well.
  • Likewise, to experience a happy life we need to minimize the happiness-limiting effects of chronic pain.

There are many solutions to accomplish these goals, and will likely be different for every individual. It helps to analyze the different areas of your health and income to determine which New Year’s Resolution is best for you. Many people opt for a gym membership, or possibly enroll in a class that can help them gain a promotion at work. Some people may focus on their diet or reduce the amount of wasteful spending.

While all are excellent solutions, a simple way to start may be by taking a supplement for the health benefits. One supplement in particular stands out as a key solution that can help with all of the goals mentioned above – health and reduction of chronic pain, beauty and consequently income. Certainly, taking a supplement isn’t a magic pill, but it can be an important part of the equation.

Collagen is the unquestioned longevity and beauty supplement superstar. Not only does collagen rebuild the skin and increase hair and nail health, but it doubles as a critical joint and bone benefit supplement as well. Skin wrinkling, hair thinning, and nail weakening are all caused by the body’s drop in collagen production as we age. Joint and bone health is a major determining factor of chronic pain later in life, and this connective tissue is composed mostly of collagen.

At any age, collagen can help develop a person’s natural beauty from within while also guarding against chronic pain later in life by keeping connective tissue and bones strong.

This year consider investing in your beauty by trying NeoCell’s award winning beauty products Biotin Bursts and Beauty Infusion, or any of NeoCell’s other core collagen products. In the long run they might end up paying for themselves and making you a happier person!

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