Why are collagen tablets so big?

by Tim Mount, CN, CCMH

(check out my video on this topic here as well)


I’ve heard the joke a million times, “Those collagen tablets are like horse pills!” Yes, it’s true that the tabs can be large and you have to take 3 – 6 of them (depending on the product). But for many people the convenience of tablets outweighs the drawbacks. I personally prefer tablets because I can quickly pour a dose in my hand, slam them down with a sip of water and get on with my day. Other people, such as my father, have a gag reflex that won’t allow them to do that. Or they have “pill fatigue” and don’t want to add anymore pills to their existing supplement or prescription drug routine.

At NeoCell we know everyone has their own preference on how to take their collagen. Because of this we’ve developed several different ways of taking our supplements.

Infusion_Tangerine_016185-12943-6Powder_016185-01986-7Powdered form is very popular – our Super Collagen 7 oz. powder remains the #1 collagen product on the market because it mixes easily in juice or a smoothie and doesn’t require swallowing hard pills. Our premium powder called Beauty Infusion is even more convenient because it mixes with water and comes in 3 delicious flavors.

Bursts_choc_016185-12938-2Burst_Berry_016185-12939-9Chews seem to be the hottest trend when taking supplements and our Beauty Bursts have taken the collagen market by storm since their introduction.  Not only are the individual chews easy to take, people actually look forward to taking their “dose” every day because of the exceptional taste and convenient, portable packaging. My daughter, who is going through potty training, gets a Beauty Burst as a treat every time she uses the potty…you know if a kid likes them, they must taste great!


PomLiquid_016185-12899-6Our Super Collagen Pomegranate Liquid is another popular option because it is premixed. Simply keep it in the refrigerator door and take a quick swig anytime you’d like.

Can’t the pills be smaller?

Since collagen is protein, it isn’t able to be shrunken down into a smaller form, just like it’s impossible to shrink a steak. It is what it is, and in order to get a high enough dose you have to take a large enough amount of collagen. We compress the pills as much as possible, while still guaranteeing they dissolve in the digestive tract within 12 minutes, but beyond compression there isn’t much else we can do.

In the body collagen must stimulate millions and millions of cell that produce new collagen in order to be effective. If we only included a few hundred milligrams there simply wouldn’t be enough collagen in your system to make a meaningful impact on your body. At a minimum, collagen supplements should be in the thousands of milligrams to be effective. That is one of the benefits of NeoCell, we have the highest doses on the market, thereby ensuring a noticeable and lasting effect for our customers.

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