Little Known Collagen Benefits

Many people are familiar with the beauty benefits of collagen for wrinkle reduction, hair thickening and nail strength. Others love the joint benefits of collagen. But after a review of the research I’ve decided to post benefits that many people are not aware of.

Please note that none of the points below are a intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease and a physician should always be consulted if you have a medical condition. This is simply a review of the research literature and the conclusions suggested by the authors of the study, which may or may not apply to you.


  • Collagen in skin is estimated to have a half-life of greater than one year. That means if someone takes NeoCell and rebuilds their skin collagen, they can expect that benefit to last for a year or more, even if they stop taking the supplement.
  • Skin thickness can be increased by collagen supplements. In addition to the appearance of the skin being improved because of this, it may also help to “hide” veins and arteries.
  • It’s not just the amount of collagen in the skin that is important, it’s the organization and fragmentation of the fibers that affect the appearance of skin. Skin that appears youthful has an organized pattern of cross linked fibers and few of the fibers are frayed. Skin that appears older has highly disorganized fibers that are frayed and split. Collagen supplements not only increase the amount of collagen fibers, but new fibers are more organized and less prone to fraying.
  • Collagen production naturally slows because of age and therefore can cause wrinkling, but a different mechanism is at work due to sun damage – MMPs, the enzyme that breaks down collagen, appears to be stimulated and therefore causes the breakdown of collagen faster than normal. However, the fibroblast cells aren’t damaged by the sun, so taking NeoCell can help to stimulate the cells to rebuild lost collagen from sun damage.
  • Not only does skin have less wrinkles because of collagen supplements, studies have suggested skin’s elasticity is also improved. That translates to skin that holds onto the face more tightly with less sagging.
  • Not only do collagen supplements stimulate the fibroblast cells to work faster, it also increases the number of cells in the skin over time. The longer a person takes collagen, the more new cells are born and the benefit continues to get better and better.
  • Skin hydration benefits from collagen supplements appear to be for a number of reasons: 1) more collagen fibers mean more places for HA to attach to, so increase collagen equals increased HA and therefore better hydration; 2) water loss or evaporation from the skin is reduced, meaning we retain water in the skin for longer; 3) the stratum corneum (remember that Ceramides also affect this outer layer of skin) also increases in water, so the surface of the skin is more hydrated and those fine lines are smoothed out.

Joints, Bones and Other Tissues

  • Collagen in cartilage appears to have a much longer “lifespan” in the body. Several years possibly.
  • Collagen supplements have been shown to reduce inflammation. Inflammation is reduced not only at the site of an injury, but also systemically, which is why people start feeling better internally.
  • Collagen is very well established for long term reduction in pain for a multitude of reasons, including common conditions like arthritis. In a study comparing collagen and glucosamine, collagen was much, much more effective in reducing knee pain in arthritis patients than glucosamine.
  • Collagen has many antioxidant benefits, including in the skin and joints, but studies have done on the heart and tissues that are often damaged from diabetes. The research suggests that collagen supplements may have a protective effect on these tissues.
  • The cardiovascular system is modulated by collagen supplements and it helps prevent atherosclerosis and reduce damage to tissues who have cardiovascular disease. Blood pressure is also lowered.
  • Ulcers can be prevented or protected by collagen supplements.
  • A person who is bedridden may benefit from collagen because they support the body’s healing of bedsores. This is important for the elderly or hospitalized people, or anyone caring for them.
  • A cool study showed that collagen that is injected actually accumulates in joint tissue. Often people think it is circulated around the body randomly, but our bodies are smart and bring it to the place it’s needed.
  • Arthritis and osteoporosis are by far the most studied conditions related to collagen supplements. TMJ, fibromyalgia, many types of joint injuries all show positive results from collagen supplements.
  • Skin and bone health are related, which makes sense since they are both dependent on collagen types 1&3. Studies have found that the worse a person’s skin looks the higher risk of osteoporosis and lower bone density.
  • Bone collagen can be increased by a collagen supplement, but a study also found that the bone was remineralized as well.
  • Not only is bone built better by collagen, a study showed collagen is protective of bone loss as well.
  • Collagen showed positive effects on bone growth leading the authors to suggest growing children can benefit from collagen. It is safe for child consumption.
  • Lyme disease destroys collagen in the skin and joints, so supplements may help sufferers greatly.


  • After supplementation, NeoCell supplements are guaranteed to dissolve within 12 minutes. Absorption begins shortly after consumption. However, the full peak of the supplement in the blood isn’t for 1-2 hours after ingestion, and is significantly less after about 4 hours. Be careful not to read into this too much though! Other proteins take much longer to digest – hours and hours – so it is still fine to eat protein after a collagen supplement. Give it about an hour or so for best results.
  • Collagen is generally very well tolerated by people. Even on an empty stomach there are virtually no side effects, such as an upset stomach.
  • Collagen satiates hunger and reduces calorie intake better than other proteins like whey and soy, as well as helps people maintain healthy weight.

2 Comments on “Little Known Collagen Benefits

  1. Hi,
    Thank you for this informative post.
    I just started using the Neocell collagen tablets, and the positive effects are already noticable! However, within minutes after ingestion I feel and hear a digestion overdrive, which leads to a burning sensation at pancreas, and gas later on. What causes this? Could I help it with an enzyme supplement?
    I’ve been on a disciplined diet for several years, (since animal fats, coconut, oatmeal, dairy and sugar are leading to the same pain), so I can easily pinpoint intolerances to newly introduced foods. Liver cleanses and drinking bitters have helped me greatly in better nutrient absorption, but not with the drop in collagen production. This supplement holds high hopes.

  2. Hello Klara, thank you for trying our NeoCell products. Am I correct assuming that it is the Super Collagen tablets? We make a couple different tablet products. If so, generally we don’t have customers reporting digestive disturbances, but occasionally a person with preexisting digestive issues may have a sensitivity to ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) or the trace amounts of naturally occurring sulfite residues. Might this be a possibility? You may want to try our Super Collagen Powder, which is pure collagen without the Vitamin C.

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