Trans Resveratrol

NeoCell’s Resveratrol Antioxidant product states on the label that it yields 100mg of Trans Resveratrol. That is very important! Resveratrol is different than Trans Resveratrol. Regular resveratrol has a very low bioactivity rate (1-3% or less) and is quickly excreted from our body without doing much. Trans Resveratrol is the bioactive form and provides all those amazing benefits that you hear about. All this resveratrol talk came about because of something called the “French Paradox”, which explains how French people have worse diets and drink more booze, but have better health than most of the world (according to some health markers like cardiovascular disease). The original studies concluded that resveratrol was the key – a component of the red wine that everyone drinks in France.

Resveratrol_016185-12910-8NeoCell blends trans resveratrol from a number of high quality sources like muscadine grapes (a hearty grape used to make red wine), grape seed extract, pomegranate extract, and quercetin. Commercially, grape skin extract can be more expensive, so people started looking for other sources of resveratrol. They discovered knotweed. But knotweed (depending on the species) may not always have as high of a concentration of trans resveratrol and is considered by many people an inferior product. We state that our Resveratrol product do not contain knotweed for this reason. We also process our product without high heat, chemicals, and UV light so it retains it’s bioactivity.

It doesn’t get any better than NeoCell Resveratrol!

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