Can collagen help with weight loss?

by Timothy Mount, CN, CCMH

We all want to look better with a healthy, toned appearance. Many people have asked me if a collagen supplement should be incorporated into a weight loss plan.

First, let’s look at the research:

A study was conducted that compared collagen protein against whey protein in women and the researchers found that lean body weight was retained better for the group consuming collagen versus whey. A second study compared collagen against several proteins like casein, soy and whey for breakfast. They found that collagen was 40% more satiating that other proteins and the subjects consumed 20% fewer calories throughout the day. In other words, collagen helps you feel more full and naturally can help reduce your caloric intake, possibly leading to weight loss.

Finally, many people talk about collagen’s ability to tighten the skin against the body. During weight loss excess skin may sag, especially around the triceps, abdomen and chin. By rebuilding the collagen matrix within the skin it may appear tighter against the body and combat loose, dangling skin.

So to reduce calories and retain more lean body weight for sculped appearance, consider taking a collagen supplement like NeoCell’s Super Collagen, Derma Matrix, or Beauty Infusion.

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