About the Author

Welcome to our new blog that describes the art of living a youthful, healthy, and fulfilling life. Why follow us? Because I’ll blow your mind, of course!!! Haha, well at least we’ll try…

Our National Educator Timothy Mount, CN, CCMH will be the main contributor to this blog and will write on a wide variety of health and wellness topics. We will also bring in guest bloggers from time to time in order to give you a fresh perspective on the breaking news or cutting edge information.

About the Main Contributor Tim Mount

I’ve made it my life’s mission to understand the essence of life – to prioritize the things that truly matter and disregard everything else. I learned as a kid not to believe everything that was taught to me because the influences of commercialism, standardized education and social mores cloud our collective minds and affect our decisions.  But I refuse to be just another sheep in the herd – and so should you!

What this blog is: a well considered system of priorities and perspectives that aren’t designed to tell you what to do, but instead prompt you to examine yourself and decide what YOU BELIEVE, even if it’s the exact opposite of my perspective. I enjoy using sarcasm and wit to make my points, so some posts will be less about shifting your life perspective and more about making you wet your pants with laughter. Since life is a big thing, and I have a habit of thinking about all aspects of it, my topics will range from Descartes to radiation pollutiopn to Miley Cyrus, with a little bit of collagen mixed in as well.

What this blog isn’t: a juvenile rant for the sake of being controversial. While the almighty marketing dollar often drums up the latest craze about some new found “must have” product, I try not to get caught up in the hysteria and instead use my medical background and thorough research to evaluate whether it makes sense.


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