Category: Detoxification

Detox Toolbox: The Spa

by Rachael Pontillo, A.A.D.P, C.H.C, B.S., L.E. Detoxification, or internal cleansing, is an important component of good overall health and beautiful skin. Many people think detoxing is just about taking certain supplements, or fasting, or following certain diets for a…

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Do you know the TRUE meaning of health?

by Tim Mount, CN, CCMH It’s that time of year again – New Year’s Resolution season. It’s a time when well-meaning goals are set to be healthier and happier. Unfortunately, many people’s intentions fall short because their idea of health…

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8 Essential Supplements for Everyone!

By Tim Mount, CN, CCMH On a recent Forever Young radio interview I was asked to give my list of essential supplements that almost everyone in America should be taking. As a health professional I’ve had extensive training on most…

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How Collagen Supplements Work

Many people are skeptical about collagen supplements. I often hear, “It’s just protein” or “All protein gets digested into amino acids, so taking collagen isn’t any different than a chicken breast or eggs”. However, there is solid science behind the…

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