Move Matrix Product Spotlight

by Tim Mount, CN, CCMH NeoCell’s Move Matrix™ is a comprehensive joint formula containing scientifically advanced ingredients that work synergistically to support overall joint health and comfort. Connective tissue structure is aided by Collagen Type 2, MSM and Vitamin C…

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Is Collagen the Most Important Exercise Supplement?

by Tim Mount, CN, CCMH The choices of workout supplements are almost overwhelming – pre-workout, post-workout, BCAAs, glutamine, whey, N.O., creatine, fat burners, antioxidants, and on and on. You could spend several hundred dollars a month if you took it…

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Healing Joint Injuries – Shift Your Perspective

by Tim Mount, CN, CCMH Medical science has brought us a dictionary sized lexicon of body part names. Anyone that has gone through anatomy class knows the coma inducing boredom of memorizing vocabulary terms. Every tiny structure in the body…

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