Can collagen help with weight loss?

by Timothy Mount, CN, CCMH We all want to look better with a healthy, toned appearance. Many people have asked me if a collagen supplement should be incorporated into a weight loss plan. First, let’s look at the research: A study was…

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Why are collagen tablets so big?

by Tim Mount, CN, CCMH (check out my video on this topic here as well) I’ve heard the joke a million times, “Those collagen tablets are like horse pills!” Yes, it’s true that the tabs can be large and you…

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The Secret to Authentic Happiness: A New Year’s Resolution

by Tim Mount, CN,  CCMH Seeking happiness is one of the main motivations in a person’s life, from the food we eat to the hobbies we have to the relationships we cultivate. However, the path to authentic happiness can be…

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