Can Sugar Cause Wrinkling?

by Tim Mount, CN, CCMH Our bodies need a constant supply of sugar in the blood to survive. Too little blood sugar means we’re hypoglycemic and we feel light headed, tired, and shaky. When this happens our bodies treat it…

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Apple Cranberry Beauty Gelatin Recipe

by Tim Mount, CN, CCMH This recipe is an adaptation from Amanda Fraijo-Tobin’s original Orange-Cranberry Collagen Gummies recipe, posted on her blog at Please go check it out! Recently at the Natural Healthfest show in Plano, Texas I made…

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Why are collagen tablets so big?

by Tim Mount, CN, CCMH (check out my video on this topic here as well) I’ve heard the joke a million times, “Those collagen tablets are like horse pills!” Yes, it’s true that the tabs can be large and you…

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